De eerste Granfondo van het jaar is succesvol verlopen! Vincent De Saedeleer is als 8e de finishlijn gepasseerd. Hij voltooide de 312km binnen de 10 uren gemiddelde van bijna 32KM/U.

6,500 cycle tourists take part at the Mallorca 312

Mallorca is now the epicentre of world cycling. Participants from more than 40 countries all over the world are doing one of the three courses of the Mallorca 312. 4,500 of them started at 7 am in front of the Playa de Muro Hotel Association: They were led by former professional cyclists Miguel Induráin, Óscar Freire, Joseba Beloki, Pedro Horrillo and Toni Tauler as well as the Majorcan cyclist Enric Mas and the triathlete Mario Mola. The remaining 2,000 participants of the Mallorca 167 – Goldcar would start a couple of hours later.

The first cyclist to reach the finish line and complete the 312 kilometres challenge of the Mallorca 312 – Giant – Taiwan has been the Mario Gordillo, a man from Madrid, after nine hours and twenty-four minutes. The German Marion Wittler was the first woman to cross the finish line with a time of ten hours and thirty-two minutes. The route has 5,050 meters of climbing and participants have a 14 hours limit time to complete it.

Meanwhile, the Belgian Tom van Loon was the first to reach the finish line of the Mallorca 225 – #BetterInWinter with a time of six hours and fifty-six minutes. Van Loon was already first last year, on a rainy day and when the race was 232 kilometres long. For that he needed seven hours and twenty minutes. The Polish Anna Sadowska was the first woman of the Mallorca 225 – #BetterInWinter.

At the same time as the first participant finishing the 225 kilometres, there came a group of riders from the Mallorca 167 – Goldcar. The fastest male participant was the Belgian Alessio Ruffo and the fastest woman Karen Gjendal There are still many participants to reach the finish line. At 9.00 pm it is the time limit to finish the Mallorca 312 and to start with the celebration of fulfilled challenges and dreams Mallorca 312 at facebook, sign up